Library Diary - 01

Hewwo library patrons!

Candypiggy here, this is my first blog entry ever.

In my Library Diaries, I will post Fairy Valley Library-related content and my thought processes in creating something.

When I began writing this it was the month of July. The Tokyo Olympics had just begun and currently a semi-lockdown was in effect. As much as I love spending my time indoors, I quite miss meeting up and eating out with my good friends. July was quite emotionally heavy, every time I checked my social media, I would come across many concerning and sad news. I also got a pretty bad fever and headache, thankfully in a week or so I managed to heal. Let’s hope we can all stay healthy and safe. ;_;

At the same time, when I'm at home, I'm pushed to keep focusing on my work and projects.

Even so, I've decided to publish the Fairy Library project in September, to give myself ample preparation time and because autumn is my favorite season.

I thought that having a Youtube channel would be quite neat, it would require great commitment and diligence, but other than as a side income (of course) it would also be a ‘bowl’ that enables me to pour my works and ideas into it.

I also wanted to revisit my favorite old games from the GBA and NDS era, and this should be the perfect excuse to re-experience and show them to others! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

I took inspiration for the channel’s overall vibe from storybooks like Tales from Brambly Hedge, Foxwood Tales, and other classic fairy tale illustrations, especially the well-known works of Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac. I also love the timeless & elegant Art Nouveau style so I try to incorporate it into the library’s door, garden table, etc. Their unique and timeless qualities are something that I wish I could portray in my own work as well.

The process of creating and preparing for the channel took roughly 3-4 months. The first phase consisted of mostly world-building and designing what everything would look like. Then, the next phase is to create the Live2D model which consumed much of my time. I had to separate all of the model’s layers individually and made sure everything is clean and proportional to one another. But once the model was settled and finished, the Fairy Library’s tale could finally begin to take shape.

My rigger mage; Tea_con, was very kind and patient! At first, I was stuck between choosing him or another rigger that I’ve contacted beforehand. But magically, when I first talked to him he was very polite and he said he remembers seeing one of my illustrations before (it was a Harvest Moon fanart). So I thought this must be fate! Since back then I didn’t know how Live2D and Vtube Studio works in detail, I asked if it’s possible to add my trusty companion to the model (a.k.a Mr.Piggy). He granted my request and gave me tutorials and fixes so the model moves more fluidly. Thanks a lot for your help boi! Shoutout also to my senpai Frederett, she helped me in finding a nice mic & it’s because of her we got into this Vtuber business together (lol)

In the end, it cannot be helped to feel nervous whether people will accept it well or not, whether I will find an audience at all, and also whether I myself will be able to keep up with the schedule and continue delivering (hopefully) high-quality works (you really are your own tough critique T.T).

But I’ve worked hard to prepare for a smooth launch, so I will cross my fingers (and Mr.Piggy's sakura petal-shaped fingers), ask the universe for guidance, pat myself and Mr.Piggy on our heads and just enjoy the process! Let’s have fun and learn new things!

You can visit the channel here , and also follow my Twitter here where I mostly post my updates.

I hope you’ll be able to enjoy my story and friends from the Fairy Valley Library, my artworks, my stream, and my videos. Stay healthy!

Yours truly,


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