Once upon a time, there was, oh there was, a girl with her head in the clouds who came across an old, used fairy tale book, one which she used to love. Reminded of a time long ago, the girl decided to visit a place dear to her; a small hidden library in the Fairy Valley. A treasury of tales that used to fill her dreams and her eyes with aspirant stars. 


Traveling with her trusty & amazing little piglet plush, they managed to rediscover the feys’ bibliotheque. However, she was told by the library’s keeper; an elderly fairy tale witch, that it is time for the witch to rest and close the place. Thus the timid girl had to make a very important decision. Looking at the yellowing pages that used to be white, and her piglet’s color which used to be a brighter shade of pink, she determined that it is time to do what’s most important for her. To protect the people, place, and dreams that fueled her and if she could, perhaps share them with others. Before the gluttonous flow of time consumes more…


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Hewwo good day. My name is Candy, and this is my lovely friend Mr.Piggy. Let's have fun, learn, and grow every day.

I can speak: English, Indonesian, and a little Japanese 

We are creating content on Youtube about the Fairy Valley Library,

I also enjoy drawing an assortment of fantasy illustrations.

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